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Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography

Digital Photography Review - vor 6 Stunden 5 Minuten

Fujifilm has introduced the X-T1 IR, a version of its flagship rangefinder-style mirrorless camera designed specifically for infrared photography. The camera captures light from UV, visible, and infrared portions of the spectrum, from approximately 380-1000nm. Aside from that, everything else is identical to the standard X-T1. Read more

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Think Tank Photo wants to give your camera bag some personality with its new Roller Flair Kits

Imaging Resource - vor 19 Stunden 48 Minuten
If you feel your camera bag has been lacking personality, Think Tank Photo has a new roller camera bag accessory that might just make your day. Think Tank is calling them Roller Flair Kits, colorful components for Think Tanks’s Roller camera bags that come in green, red, orange and blue. You can choose all one color for the included components or mix and match for a custom look; great for those times when you want to show a little love for your alma mater or favorite sports team. Roller Flair Kits are available for $35 on...
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Fujifilm XF 90mm F2 LM WR real-world samples

Digital Photography Review - So, 02/08/2015 - 13:00

Fujifilm announced the XF 90mm F2 in May, adding a 137mm equiv. focal length to its X-system's arsenal. We've been spending some quality time outdoors with the 90mm, take a look at how it performs against real-world subjects. Read more

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This is interesting: Sony is closing its online US store on August 28th!

Imaging Resource - Sa, 01/08/2015 - 21:30
In an era where many camera makers seem focused on driving more sales directly to their own online stores rather than through dealers, Sony has announced that at 1pm PST on August 28th, its online US store will no longer take orders. Instead of selling products directly, Sony will instead have a ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ product website that will direct consumers to authorized retailers, where you can then purchase your gear. In an email sent to customers and announcement on its site Sony gave zero reason for the closure. Instead, they simply warned consumers to...
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Snorkel or Scuba vacation? Time for an underwater housing! (WARNING - Addictive!)

Imaging Resource - Sa, 01/08/2015 - 21:20
    Do you have a vacation trip planned, with an opportunity to go snorkeling or scuba diving? You don't have to be an accomplished diver; if you're a decent swimmer, a lot of resorts offer on-the-spot classes that will having you diving in no time. And you can have a blast snorkeling, even without extensive training: The gear is very affordable (and can often be rented locally for even less), and online tipstutorials and beginners guides abound. (Note - if you're in the tropics, with warm water, you don't need a wetsuit, as one of...
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Readers' Showcase: Sarnim Dean

Digital Photography Review - Sa, 01/08/2015 - 13:00

Born and raised in New Zealand, DPR reader Sarnim Dean has been surrounded his whole life by wildlife and landscapes many of us only dream of visiting. He explores the country on his mountain bike and with his camera. Take a look at some of his images and find out more about him in our Q&A. See gallery

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Pentax K-S2 Review: Ricoh’s affordable, all-weather DSLR sports all the latest innovations

Imaging Resource - Sa, 01/08/2015 - 04:10
    When we spoke to Ricoh about its nascent K-S DSLR lineup at the CP+ show earlier this year, the company told us that it was all about innovation. The all-weather Pentax K-S2 is true to its word, sporting all the latest must-have tech. Features we've never seen before in a Pentax DSLR are to be found in the K-S2. There's a retractable kit-lens, a tilt/swivel screen, clever controls which rearrange themselves when shooting selfies... Ricoh has even foregone its Flucard Wi-Fi solution in favor of that 2015 must-have: In-camera...
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More heat for Light: ‘SLR-killer’ camera maker wins $25 million in new funding,  we have the interview

Imaging Resource - Fr, 31/07/2015 - 23:18
Yesterday, photography start-up Light, whom we’ve introduced and interviewed in the past, announced it had secured $25 million in Series B funding, putting their allegedly SLR-killing smartphone camera tech a big step closer to reality. We talked with with Light CEO Dave Grannan and CTO Rajiv Laroia to learn what this means for the company, and the prospect that their next-gen camera tech will be in consumers hands sooner than later. We spoke for about 20 minutes, here's a quick digest of what we learned. Light going forward: A Q&A with CTO Dr. Rajiv...
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On the fly: photographer captures Blue Angels from the air

Digital Photography Review - Fr, 31/07/2015 - 20:02

The Blue Angels announced their arrival in Seattle this week as they usually do - suddenly, and with a lot of noise. While we've been able to catch glimpses of them flying over from our office windows, as they prepare for a local maritime festival. But our view is nothing like the view photographer Josh Trujillo had during their flyby yesterday afternoon. Read more

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Panasonic GX8 Beta First Shots: Pixel-peep the highest-res Micro Four Thirds camera to date

Imaging Resource - Fr, 31/07/2015 - 17:42
    While it may be a beta sample, we've gotten our hands on a brand-new Panasonic GX8 and shot some test photos with it. We've published our standard First Shots set of lab sample images, and they're now ready for your perusal -- with the provision that due to the prototype nature of this unit, image quality might be slightly different once the final production ones hit store shelves. The Panasonic GX8 sports an all-new 20.3-megapixel Digital Live MOS imaging sensor, which is the highest resolution 4/3" sensor offered to date for a...
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Quick Review: PhotoKeeper

Digital Photography Review - Fr, 31/07/2015 - 13:00

PhotoKeeper aims to provide photographers with safe cloud storage and easy access to their images from anywhere. While there's no shortage of websites providing free storage for photos, PhotoKeeper goes beyond the standard offerings and tailors its product to photographers. Are its features worth the price? Read review

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Fujifilm X-T10 Field Test: Classic style, modern features

Imaging Resource - Do, 30/07/2015 - 23:25
    Our favorite Maine-based landscape and nature photographer Jeremy Gray is back once again with another in-depth Field Test, this time taking the brand-new Fuji X-T10 out for a spin. Spending some quality time with the much-lauded Fuji X-T1's little brother, Jeremy dives in to discuss both the good and bad for this modern-yet-retro mirrorless camera. The new X-T10 is aimed more at mid-range, intermediate-level photographers and sports a smaller, lighter body design, a quick one-touch switch for a fully automatic shooting mode, as...
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Samsung starts mass-production of thinner 16MP sensor with 1.0?m Pixels

Digital Photography Review - Do, 30/07/2015 - 18:54

Samsung has announced the start of mass-production of its S5K3P3 image sensor for mobile devices. The new chip is 20 percent thinner than previous generations. At under 5mm thickness, the new sensor can be used in ultra-thin smartphones without creating the protruding camera modules we've seen on some of the latest Samsung Galaxy models. Read more

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Olympus Tough TG-4 studio and real-world samples posted

Digital Photography Review - Do, 30/07/2015 - 18:23

Olympus' TG-series Tough cameras have been a popular choice among enthusiasts looking for a rugged compact. The TG-4 is waterproof to 15m/50ft, as well as shockproof and crushproof, and includes Raw support. See how it performs out and about and in our studio compared to other rugged compacts. Read more

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Ask Dr. Web with Jeffrey Zeldman: If Ever I Should Leave You: Job Hunting For Web Designers and Developers

A List Apart - Do, 30/07/2015 - 13:24

In our last installment, we discussed what to do when your boss is satisfied with third-party code that would make Stalin yak. This time out, we’ll discuss when, why, and how to quit your job.

When is the right time to leave your first job for something new? How do you know you’re ready to take the plunge? Wet Behind The Ears

Dear Wet Behind:

From frying an egg to proposing marriage, you can never know for sure when it’s the right time to do anything—let alone anything as momentous as leaving your first job. First, search your heart: most times, you already know what you want to do. (Hint: if you’re thinking about leaving your job, you probably want to.) This doesn’t mean you should heedlessly stomp off to do what you want. Other factors must be carefully considered. But knowing what your heart wants is vital to framing a question that will provide your best answer.

So ask yourself, do I want to leave? And if the answer is yes, ask yourself why. Are you the only girl in a boys’ club? Perhaps the only one with a real passion for the web? Are other folks, including your boss, dialing it in? Have you lost your passion for the work? Are you dialing it in? Is the place you work political? Do your coworkers or boss undervalue you? Have you been there two years or more without a raise or a promotion? Most vital of all, are you still learning on the job?

Stagnation is fine for some jobs—when I was a dishwasher at The Earth Kitchen vegetarian restaurant, I enjoyed shutting off my brain and focusing on the rhythmic scrubbing of burnt pans, the slosh and swirl of peas and carrots in a soapy drain—but professionals, particularly web professionals, are either learning and growing or, like the love between Annie Hall and Alvy Singer, becoming a dead shark. If you’ve stopped learning on the job, it’s past time to look around.

Likewise for situations where you face on-the-job discrimination. Or where you’re the only one who cares about designing and building sites and applications that meet real human needs, and of which you can truly be proud. Or where, after three years of taking on senior-level tasks, and making mature decisions that helped the company, you’re still seen as entry-level because you came in as an intern—and first impressions are forever. Or where you will never be promoted, because the person above you is young, healthy, adored by the owner, or has burrowed in like a tick.

Some companies are smart enough to promote from within. These are the companies that tend to give you an annual professional development budget to attend conferences, buy books, or take classes; that encourage you to blog and attend meet-ups. Companies that ignore or actively discourage your professional growth are not places where you will succeed. (And in most cases, they won’t do that well themselves—although some bad places do attain a kind of financial success by taking on the same kinds of boring jobs over and over again, and hiring employees they can treat as chattel. But that ain’t you, babe.)

It’s important, when answering these questions about your organization and your place within it, to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. If you work alongside a friend whose judgement you trust, ask her what she thinks. It is all too easy, as fallible human beings, to believe that we should be promoted before we may actually be ready; to think that people are treating us unfairly when they may actually be supporting and mentoring us; to ignore valuable knowledge we pick up on the job because we think we should be learning something different.

If there’s no one at your workplace you can trust with these questions, talk to a solid friend, sibling, or love partner—one who is brave enough to tell you what you need to hear. Or check in with a professional—be they a recruiter, job counselor, yoga instructor, barista, or therapist. But be careful not to confide in someone who may have a vested interest in betraying your confidence. (For example, a recruiter who earns $100,000 per year in commissions from your company may not be the best person to talk to about your sense that said company grossly undervalues you.)

Assuming you have legitimate reasons to move on, it’s time to consider those other factors: namely, have you identified the right place to move on to? And have you protected yourself and your family by setting aside a small financial cushion (at least three months’ rent in the bank) and lining up a freelance gig?

Don’t just make a move to make a move—that’s how careers die. Identify the characteristics of the kind of place you want to work for. What kind of work do they do? If they are agencies, what do their former customers say about them? If friends work for them, what do they say about the place? What’s their company culture like? Do they boast a diverse workforce—diverse psychologically, creatively, and politically as well as physically? Is there a sameness to the kind of person they hire, and if so, will you fit in or be uncomfortable? If you’d be comfortable, might you be too comfortable (i.e. not learning anything new)? Human factors are every bit as important as the work, and, career-wise, more important than the money.

If five of your friends work for your current employer’s biggest competitor, don’t assume you can walk across the street and interview with that competitor. The competitor may feel honor-bound to tell your boss how unhappy you are—and that won’t do you any good. Your boss might also feel personally betrayed if you take a job with her biggest competitor, and that might be burning a bridge.

Don’t burn any bridges you don’t have to. After all, you never know who you might work for—or who you might want to hire—five years from now. Leaving on good terms is as important as securing the right next job. Word of mouth is everything in this business, and one powerful enemy can really hurt your career. More importantly, regardless of what they can do for or against your career, it’s always best to avoid hurting others when possible. After all, everyone you meet is fighting their own hard battle, so why add to their burdens?

This isn’t to say you don’t have the right to work for anyone you choose who chooses you back. You absolutely have the right. Just be smart and empathetic about it.

In some places, with some bosses, you can honestly say you’re looking for a new job, and the boss will not only understand, she’ll actually recommend you for a good job elsewhere. But that saintly a boss is rare—and if you work for one, are you sure you want to quit? Most bosses, however professional they may be, take it personally when you leave. So be discreet while job hunting. Once you decide to take a new job, let your boss know well ahead of time, and be honest but helpful if they ask why you’re leaving—share reasons that are true and actionable and that, if listened to, could improve the company you’re leaving.

Lastly, before job hunting, line up those three months’ rent and that freelance gig. This protects you and your family if you work for a vindictive boss who fires employees he finds out are seeking outside jobs. Besides, having cash in the bank and a freelance creative challenge will boost your confidence and self-esteem, helping you do better in interviews.

A good job is like a good friend. But people grow and change, and sometimes even the best of friends must part. Knowing when to make your move will keep you ahead of the curve—and the axe. Happy hunting!

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What's in a name? Zeiss provides details on lens partnerships and production

Digital Photography Review - Do, 30/07/2015 - 13:00

Lens maker Zeiss has written a blog post about its relationships with other manufacturers - specifically its partnership with Sony. The post sheds some light on exactly what that little blue logo on your lens can mean. The blog post itself appears to have been written by the marketing department, but reading between the lines gives us a better idea of how its relationship with Sony works. Read more

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ISO 4 Million: Canon’s new Multi-Purpose Camera sees in the dark

Imaging Resource - Do, 30/07/2015 - 05:04
Get your night vision goggles ready. Canon has unveiled a brand new multi-purpose camera, the ME20F-SH. The first of its kind for Canon, the ME20F-SH features a cube-like design and is capable of capturing Full HD video up to an equivalent ISO sensitivity of over 4,000,000 with its full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor. Yes, ISO 4 million. In the press release Canon particularly notes the specialized camera’s applications for nighttime surveillance, cinematic production, reality television and nature/wildlife documentaries, but its...
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Canon's multi-purpose ME20F-SH camera reaches ISO 4 million

Digital Photography Review - Do, 30/07/2015 - 05:00

Canon has introduced its ME20F-SH multi-purpose camera - a black cube with an EF mount and the ability to capture video in near-darkness. With the ability to capture Full HD color video in light levels as low as 0.0005 lux and a top ISO of over 4 million, the ME20F-SH is well suited for surveillance and security as well as wildlife applications. Learn more

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Nikon D5500: See the full review and our final conclusion for Nikon’s latest middle-tier DSLR

Imaging Resource - Mi, 29/07/2015 - 23:31
    Nikon has enjoyed great success with their 5000-series, mid-level DSLR's dating back to the D5000, which debuted in 2009, to the D5300 which was honored with a well-deserved Camera of Distinction honor here on our site in our 2013 COTY awards. Here in 2015, we've very much enjoyed our time with the fifth and latest member of the line, the Nikon D5500, and we're now ready to unveil our full D5500 review and final conclusion. As is the case with every camera we've ever tested, no camera is perfect, but some manage to find a real...
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WANTED: $75,000 reward posted for drone operators who flew UAVs over California wildfires

Imaging Resource - Mi, 29/07/2015 - 22:58
Over the past two months, on three separate occasions, drones have delayed firefighting efforts in California’s San Bernardino County, where wildfires have been a weekly occurrence as of late. In response, San Bernardino County Supervisors have announced they are offering $75,000 in total rewards to anyone who comes forward with information on the drones or operators in these three instances – $25,000 for each fire. The three instances occurred on June 12th, July 12th and July 17th. In every instance, low-flying aircraft were severely delayed or grounded...
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